We are committed to making sure your stay is a life memory.

We create premium yoga and wellness experiences, and work exclusively with Yogini and Yogi Practitioners with a passion to make a difference in the lives of others.

The Swedish born founder Jan Stenholm lives partially in Thailand for the past ten years and has over 40 years of business experience in Thailand.

He is constantly with you during your stay to make sure your expectations are met in every possible way. Yoga Resort Thailand was created when Jan was requested by business colleagues and family to visit Thailand and he wanted to give them the best experience.

The experience for those that traveled far and wide, was in their words, mind blowing, exhilarating, and a real life changer.

With his keen eye for excellence, his entrepreneurial thinking, his love and passion for lifestyle and goodness, this was the beginning of something great.

He is married to a soulful and caring wife, and his 9 year old daughter is a great believer in what Jan has created, as she participates in yoga and meditation weekly and loves it, well they all do now. He recalls his first Yoga session with his friends and family with the well renowned Thai Yogini Chumpho who is a strong pillar in Yoga Resort Thailand. What happened Jan said, “can’t be described in words, everyone must experience this” When everybody returned from the session they were glowing and couldn’t stop smiling. The other guests at the resort were wondering what had happened and wanted a taste of this.

Thai yoga massage, healing, mindfulness, meditation – everybody could find something they liked. We all felt that we wanted to share our experience. This experience could not be kept a secret.

We welcome you to a world of possibilities.