We work for you to get the most out of your trip

Yoga Resort Thailand organizes premium yoga and wellness trips. Founder and CEO is Jan Stenholm, nowadays permanently living in Thailand and who is a part of the trips.

Thanks to our rich network of contacts and fantastic partners we can offer great terms at luxury resorts. Our goal is that everything is included in your trip, everything from healthy and nutritious food to your planned activities. The only thing that you need to arrange by yourself is the flight ticket. As a guest at the resorts you have full access to everything that the resort has to offer.

Loved ones visiting Thailand

The foundation for Yoga Resort Thailand was laid when Jan Stenholm, after settling down here more than eight years ago, had many business colleagues and loved ones visiting whom he wanted to give the best possible experience. Today the business is established to reach even more people. But the idea has remained the same: Jan and his team do their utmost to give you interesting excursions, a luxury resort to live in, arrange hospital visits and to give you the entertainment you desire on all levels.

For some time now the established and renowned Thai yogini Chumpho is part of Yoga Resort Thailand. As Jan himself describes the first yoga session with her: We borrowed the conference room and Chumpho gave me a yoga class and what happened can’t be described in words. You must experience it! When everybody returned from the session they were glowing and couldn’t stop smiling. The other guests at Anantasila were wondering what had happened, and soon Chumpho was fully booked. Thai yoga massage, healing, mindfulness, meditation – everybody could find something they liked. We all felt that we wanted to share our experience. This experience could not be kept a secret. Thanks to my sister-in-law, Chumpho and karma, Yoga Resort Thailand was born

With almost 40 years of Thai experience

Since 2010, the entrepreneur and creator behind Yoga Resort Thailand, Jan Stenholm, lives part of the year in Hua Hin where he has created a new life far from the stress of everyday life and in a wonderful climate. Jan was in Thailand for the first time in 1979 and has since visited at least a few times every year. Both as a tourist and in work.

Jan founded Väskfabriken in Stockholm 1985, and as distributor he provided the Swedish and European markets with high qualitative leather bags, produced in Thailand among other places.

“During my trips around the world I always returned to Thailand in my thoughts,” Jan says. “Thailand is unpretentious. The people are kind and helpful. Imagine the feeling of always getting a smile back when greeting someone. This is part of the culture!

During one of my first trips to Thailand I was subjected to yoga and meditation. It was my second trip to Thailand, in 1980. In Sweden it was considered something only hippies were doing. That was a long time ago. Now it’s part of everyday life and has become a lifestyle. We see how the numbers of practitioners increase steadily, in part to keep in shape, but also to ease our pain, both physically and mentally.”

”In Thailand, yoga and meditation is part of a tradition and the everyday life since ancient times, and has become a part of their culture. It is in the everyday life of a Thai person and has been for thousands of years. My daughter Alice, who is now eight years old, learns it at school and has a class every week since she was four years old.”

Chomphu the yogini offers many types of yoga classes

Chomphu is an ambitious and motivated yoga instructor with vast experience. She commands many forms of yoga but particularly vinysa flow yoga, power flow yoga, gentle flow yoga and hatha on all levels. Her goal is to inspire others to increased wellbeing and motivate them to a better and healthier life.

She is open and a wonderful soul, a dreamer and a doer. Always happy, kind, energetic and extroverted with a spirit of cooperation. A number of other yogis assist her based on needs.

A valued professional leader, flexible instructor who spreads a sense of positivity.

Chomphu speaks English fluently. Like many other yogis she got her certificate at Yoga Shiva Peeth Rishikesh in India