Yoga Program

Individually and in groups

Yoga tools to realise your dreams

Learn to love all that is and remember who you are. Learn to link your emotional and physical shortcomings. With us you can open yourself up and love who you are and the life you’re living. You can stop to feel grateful to all moments and as such manifest a personal journey toward health, well-being and freedom.

Our yoga program is shaped with a vision and tools in mind to enrichen your current situation and give you the opportunity to achieve and fulfil your dreams.

This yoga trip to Thailand includes includes yoga and meditation, rest and relaxation as well as nutritional knowledge.

Yoga means to ”unite body and soul”. Beside the general program you have the opportunity to book private classes with our yogini.

You can shape your program with us, to make it perfectly fit your needs.

Perhaps you simply wish to recharge your batteries on the beach and swim a bit in the pool. Or you can sign up for a visit with one of the world’s greatest osteopaths, Samuel.

Samuel is, on top of being an eminent osteopath, also an instructor in holistic yoga therapy. If you have any kind of injury or are experiencing pain, he’ll be happy to have a look at it, advise you and tailor make exercises for rehabilitation and recovery. More about Samuel at his website Hua Hin Osteopathy

Health checks and rejuvenating treatments

We work with Bangkok Hospital and can offer you a health check-up or a rejuvenation treatment

Learn to cook Thai food and make juices

You can also join us for a cooking class where you’ll learn to cook Thai food, conjure up healthy cocktails or listen to talks by our fitness coach.

Super luxurious spa or meditation with monks

You can also book yourself to our incredibly luxurious intercontinental spa at a heavily reduced price. Try tai chi, join for an aroma sauna session, or meditate with the monks at a nearby temple.

Our general wellness and yoga programme includes the following, which is already included in the price:

Two daily yoga sessions.
Breathing / paranayam
Yoga on the beach / Sunrise Yoga
Water gymnastics
Thai massage / oil massage
Herbal sauna / aroma sauna

On top of this, special programs for:
Detox and fast weight loss
Bodily balance
Stress management
Quit smoking
SPA treatment at Intercontinental Spa

These treatments are not included in the general program but are add-ons that we book for you individually. You will receive a price suggestion after registering.

Our general program looks as below. Scroll down to read a more detailed description

Monday – Friday

06.00 – Group walk on the beach
07.00 – Yoga session 45 min
08.00 – Healthy breakfast with fruit and freshly squeezed juice
10.00 – Personal option
12.00 – Health lunch
14.00 – Free time
16.30 – Yoga session 45 min
18.00 – Personal option

Saturday – Sunday

Aroma sauna at nearby temple
Excursions (optional)

Additional options (prices in THB), booked before departure and paid on site. This includes transport to / from each option.


  • Sam Roi Yod national park – 2,500thb including lunch at Dolphin Bay Resort. About 5 hours
  • Hua Hin Vineyard – 1,000thb excluding lunch – About 4 hours –
  • Kui Buri Elephant National Park – 2,500thb including lunch – full day


This is what you can expect of your stay with us:

For those who are early birds, there is no better start to the day than a quick walk on the beach. The sun rises over the horizon in the east and we with it.

The breeze and the sound of the waves get all our minds ready for a day in the sign of rejuvenation. For those who can handle it, we walk 6 km and it takes us about an hour.

Then we take the first Yoga Pass of the day, either on the beach or on the roof of the resort. The light at this time is fantastic and birds and other creatures join our celebration of life.

With this start of the day, we are now ready for Anantasila’s fantastic and famous breakfast. Fruits, cereals, various yogurts, berries, freshly squeezed juices and of course classic hotel breakfast with all varieties of eggs, bacon, potatoes, vegetables, hot and cold.

Personal options may include visits to Samuel, our Osteopath, going to the Spa to refresh yourself or just enjoy being pampered. You can also visit our massage institute where you have two free visits included in the price of the trip.

The lunch is served in the restaurant and we have a special “Health” menu with a large selection of both Thai and international dishes. Vegan or vegetarian food is available.

After Anantasila’s super breakfast, many of our guests choose to skip lunch and if you do so you can change lunch for dinner. Regardless, freshly squeezed juice is served that provides energy for the afternoon activities.

Free time is at your own disposal. Lie on the beach, swim in the pool, read a book or Bangkok Post at the reception where you will find all too comfortable sofas and armchairs. Maybe you want to keep a diary or just philosophize in this oasis of greenery and orchids.

If you want, you can take your second yoga session in the afternoon either on the beach or on the roof.

For those interested, we can arrange a cooking class or maybe a city visit. You can visit one of the markets or just stroll around the city. We have this as a personal option as it darkens.

On the weekend we visit a nearby temple for “Herbal Sauna”. Our monk lights a fire and with 26 different herbs and roots we sit in primitive saunas and let our bodies breathe and feel relaxed in a comfortable temperature. We softly breathe in and out and we experience a truly stimulating moment in around 60-70 degrees which makes it relaxing and comfortable.

Massage is important and the weekend might be a good time for those who have not had their massage during the week. You have two free visits during your stay. Additional massages cost about 10€ per hour.

At the weekend there will also be an excursion. We take the bus and go on a trip for half a day including lunch. The journey takes about an hour in each direction.

When you have registered we will ask you a few questions to prepare for your stay with us in the best way possible.

Questions that we ask include:

Where are you in life?
Why do you wish to come see us?
Which part of your life would you like to work on and try to change?